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Enter Dan Durkee’s Universe of Unseen Horrors

Get ready to embark on a frightening journey filled with unknown horrors, where fear lurks around every corner. Dan Durkee’s horror fiction can make nightmares come to life.

Meet The Author

Dan Durkee

Dan Durkee is a native of Vermont and now lives with his family in Colorado. He served for 25 years in the fire service. For the past 10 years of service, he has been the District Chief. During his career as a firefighter, Dan achieved many degrees, including a master’s in Organizational Leadership.

Throughout his service years, Dan performed literary services for the fire department, for which he was recognized nationally with the Spirit of Excellence Award from AT&T.

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Welcome to the quiet coastal town of Ft. Lupton, Maine, where nothing seems out of the ordinary, or so it seems. Prey is a thrilling work of horror fiction that follows the story of Nick Traverse and his adopted son, Chris. When people suddenly start to go missing from the coast, the once-ordinary lives of Ft. Lupton residents take a dark turn, becoming their worst nightmare.


Survive follows Keith Wright, a brave firefighter from Colorado Springs, who embarks on a mission with a team of four to a national wildfire in Washington. Things quickly go downhill when they experience an accident, leaving the squad injured and without supplies. But they soon realize they aren’t alone. In a terrifying turn of events, Keith and his teammates struggle to survive the unknown.

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A Word from the Author

“I have always been drawn in by someone who can tell a compelling story, and I believe that I have the knack for doing just that. By reading so many books and watching so many horror fiction and mystery thrillers, I became passionate about writing horror fiction and sharing my storytelling skills with the world. I have experienced a long and successful career in the fire service and now wish to pursue a writing career, using my life endeavors as an inspiration for my books.”

-Dan Durkee

Dan Durkee's Riveting Tales:

Unveil Adrenaline-Fueled Adventures in Fiction eBooks!

Enter the world of Dan Durkee, a Vermont native now residing in Colorado, where the echoes of his 25-year tenure in the fire service reverberate through the pages of his best horror and fiction eBooks. These narratives, born from the crucible of real-life experiences, invite you to witness the flames and sacrifices that define a firefighter’s drama.

For a quarter of a century, Dan dedicated his life to the fire service, a journey that carved a path from rookie to District Chief. Amidst the flames and challenges, Dan pursued academic excellence, culminating in a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership.

Yet, Dan’s contributions extended beyond the fire-scarred frontlines. A literary alchemist in uniform, he rendered invaluable services to the fire department through his words. It was this commitment that garnered him the prestigious Spirit of Excellence Award from AT&T, a national recognition echoing through the corridors of honor. But that’s not all; his literary prowess led to features in Forbes and a spotlight in Times Square as well, solidifying his status as an inspiration in both firefighting and diverse cultural spheres.

As the flames of his service years flicker into the annals of history, Dan Durkee’s legacy thrives not only in the bravery etched in fire trucks but also in the eerie allure of the pages of his literary endeavors, a testament to a life dedicated to both extinguishing fires and kindling the flames of storytelling.

Within the digital shelves, Durkee’s craftsmanship extends to coastal horror fiction books, where the haunting beauty of Maine’s coastal towns serves as a backdrop for tales that send shivers down your spine.

Whether drawn to the mysteries of coastal settings or the rugged challenges of firefighting drama, Dan Durkee’s books promise an extraordinary reading experience that goes beyond the ordinary. So, why wait? Peruse the collection to discover the best horror eBooks, offering dramatic survival escapades in the wilderness. Each digital page unfolds a new layer of suspense, showcasing Durkee’s unique blend of survival adrenaline and fiction storytelling. Let’s immerse in tales that echo the bravery and resilience forged in the fires of real-life service.

Mounting Horrors:

Dan Durkee’s Books Gets an Exclusive Feature on Times Square

From the ultimate test of survival in the wilderness to the bone-chilling mysteries lurking beneath the ocean’s surface, Durkee’s universe of horror beckons, promising an adrenaline-pumping ride into the unknown!

Reader Reviews

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“Truly a masterpiece. With each page I turned, it made me fear water like never before”
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“A frightening tale not meant for the faint-hearted. The unique and engaging writing style had me hooked right from the start.”
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“The monstrous creation, the feeling of dread, and the portrayal of characters - everything was on point.”
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“On the EDGE of my seat!”

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