Prey & Survive by Dan Durkee Featured on Times Square New York's Billboard

About The Author

Dan Durkee

Dan Durkee is a native of Vermont and now lives with his family in Colorado. He served for 25 years in the fire service. For the past 10 years of service, he has been the District Chief. During his career as a firefighter, Dan achieved many degrees, including a master’s in Organizational Leadership.

Throughout his service years, Dan performed literary services for the fire department, for which he was recognized nationally with the Spirit of Excellence Award from AT&T.

From the very beginning, Dan was interested in reading and watching horror fiction. He also had a talent for storytelling. Seeing people enjoy his stories, Dan decided to pursue a writing career.

After the success of his first book, Prey, Dan is currently working on a second horror thriller, Survive. He aims to continue writing and producing many other gripping tales that anyone with a taste for the horror genre can enjoy.

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